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Robert Ogilvie, ACC & EQAC

Emotional Intelligence Coach & Tech COO

"I use Emotional Intelligence coaching & psychometrics to transform lone-wolf leaders into pack protectors, boosting empathy, vitality, grit, & purpose while improving team agility."

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Did you know?
While IQ is fixed, Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
can be developed over time and is a better predictor of job performance

Did you know?
2/3 of people quitting their jobs are due to simply wanting t‍‍‍o leave a bad manager

Did you know?
We can accurately measure 8 EQ competences ‍‍‍whi‍‍‍ch each have specific measurable behaviors (see the Blue/Red/Green wheel to the right!)

Did you know?
Your overall Drive is composed of...

Intrinsic Motivation: goal setting & willpower

Increasing Empathy: recognizing & responding well to others' emotions

Noble Purpose: professional contribution‍‍‍ & daily choices which link ‍‍‍purpose & long-term impact

Did you know?
Many experienced knowledge workers, innovators, and professionals struggle with EQ & 76% of executives say their organizations did not sufficientl‍‍‍y train and support them

‍‍‍‍‍‍HEY, DID YOU ‍‍‍KNOW?

Atlantic Canada based, Global coa‍‍‍ching Reach

not outside events‍‍‍

Realie this and you will find strength‍‍‍

You have power over your mind‍‍‍


EQ Coaching for ‍‍‍Teams & Leaders

Team Coaching

Agility + Autonomy + Awareness

= Self Adaptable Systems

Industries with predictable problems can scrape by with predictable operations and management tactics.  So, with disruption abound and ever faster innovation pace, ‍‍ how do we handle uncertain problems?

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Leadership Coaching

Lead Your Best Self

Our schools and our jobs teach individuals how to repeat known tactics and compete against each other.  So, when you're the best engineer, salesperson, or researcher, why is leading a team so hard?

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Did you know?
your mental agility and concentrative focus is affected by your fitness & ‍‍‍neuro-chemical nutrition‍‍‍

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