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Has your startup DREAM stalled into a NIGHTMARE? Is your team more tuned out than switched on? Find out how to implement your billion dollar innovation and have a BETTER quality of life in the process!

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We measure 8 key Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies that are proven to lead to better results in areas including the technology sector, for executives, and whether you want long-term revitalization or short-term ROI. It evens boosts results in as little as 2 days. That's why, alongside other evidence-based tools, it's our preferred coaching psychometric, and a dynamic assessment tool we use and re-use to confirm change over time.

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Did you know: developing your EQ can make you up to 55% more effective in your role? In fact, studies have shown that enhancing your 8 EQ competencies will dramatically increase your professional abilities but also your success in all areas of your life- effectiveness, relationships, health, and quality. Which success areas are you trying to build up?

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