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Rob‍‍‍ert Ogilvie, ACC & EQAC

Emotional Intelligence Coach

& Technology Executive

"As an Emotional Intelligence Coach, I use psychometrics and hone habits 1on1 to transform lone-wolf leaders into noble innovators, boosting team vitality and their own strategic insightfulness.”

Want more background?‍‍‍

Did you know?
While IQ is fixed, Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
can be developed over time a‍‍‍nd is a better predictor of job performance‍‍‍

Did you know?
2/3 of people quitting their jobs are due to simply wanting to ‍‍‍leave a bad manager‍‍‍

Did you know?
We can accurately measure 8 EQ competences which each h‍‍‍ave specific measurable behaviors (see the Blue/Red/Green wheel to the right!)‍‍‍

Did you know?
Your overall Drive is composed of...

Intrinsic Motivation: goal setting & willpower

Increasing Empathy: recognizing & responding well to others' emotions

Noble Purpose: professional contribution & daily choices which link purpose & long-term impact‍‍‍

Did you know?
Many experienced knowledge workers, innovators, and professionals struggle with EQ & 76% of executives say their o‍‍‍rganizations did not sufficiently train and support them

Atlantic Canada based, Global ‍‍‍coaching Reach‍‍‍

not outside events‍‍‍

RealiZe this and you w‍‍‍ill find strength‍‍‍

You have power over y‍‍‍our mind‍‍‍

EQ Coaching for Teams & L‍‍‍‍‍‍eaders

Group EQ ‍‍‍Coaching

Adaptable Team Approaches +

Strategic Consequential Depth

= Tactical EQ Development

As an Innovation Leader, you're now tasked with being an enabler to your various teams.  Working with others is the fast and more pragmatic way to build up these EQ competencies!  So, what Leadership Skills are you building next & who's helping you sharpen your sword?

Weekly Group Sessions

with Low Monthly Fees


Want to team up?‍‍‍

1on1 EQ Coaching

Faster Pattern Recognition +

More Warm Win-Win Alliances +

= 90 days to Resilience

You're brilliant‍‍‍, educated, and on your way to bigger things.  But, as an Innovation Leader, you're now not just thinking and doing yourself but demanded to energize others and develop their capacities.  What intel are you missing that blinding you from better choices?  How does your team experience you?  Do you have the resilience to make it through?  What's the big endgame here?

6 Biweekly 1on1 Sessions spanning 3 months


Want to kickstart your EQ?‍‍‍

Did you know?
your mental agility and concentrative focus is affected by your fitness & neuro-chemical nutrition

- Marcus Aurelius



Q: Is this kind EQ coaching a good fit for anyone?

‍‍‍  While the client-centered nature of Coaching makes it effective for most clients in the hands of any trained practitioner, my coaching ‍‍‍niche is particularly around building up EQ competencies and particularly for those in various intellectual, scientific R&D, technology, innovation sectors.  Whether newly confronted with managerial demands, keeping your emotional skills attuned for the long haul, or shifting into new roles, I can help bring out a better you!‍‍‍‍‍‍

Q: What makes you different as an EQ Coach?

   I'm an energetic nerd-whisperer that loves to delve deep into the minds of introverted brilliance!  I work very well with slow strategic thinkers (INTJs & INFJs especially) who sometimes need new energy and a mental shift to become unstuck.

 I am NOT a greyhair who claims to have conquered the world, but the most adaptable lieutenant you've ever had on your team!‍‍‍‍‍‍

Q: Can I get training grants to help cover this Coaching?

‍‍‍   Of course- I'd suggest you do!  Each Canadian province has training grants to cover 25 to 65% of approved expenses, as do many countries.  I'd love to help with program details and outcome results to get you the funding needed‍‍‍.  While the base Coaching package is 3 months, we can do up to 12 months if it helps ensure the desired outcomes.‍‍‍